Marshall Family Kingmaker

Separate Paths

The party made its way from Bokken’s Hut back to go and collect some moonraddishes for Svetlana.

Asuna and Kittyto decided to stay in the camp while Harfeld and Freyalise went to harvest the radishes. There was a mother boar and her piglet eating the radishes when they arrived. They charged Harfeld, but he was able to subdue them. The party had roast boar for dinner.

At the trading post, they:
– handed over Tuskgutter’s head for a reward
– met a cleric of Erastil who wanted them to try and locate a ruined temple in the forest
– asked if anyone knew anything about a missing wizard, but no one did
– Asuna gave Svetlana the moon radishes and helped her cook them
– asked if anyone knew anything about where to find magical purple honey
– did some trading

Asuna and Kittyto decided to take the bandits that had been languishing in Oleg’s pits up to Restov to turn them over to justice there. On the way back to Restov, one of the bandits escaped during the night, but Asuna was able to chase him done and killed him. They said in a well appointed suite and drank Corentyn wine.

Harfeld and Freyalise decided to explore the forest to attempt to find the honey or the temple. They camped outside of the forest on the first night and found that someone had been playing tricks on them during the night.

The next day while travelling through the forest, they came across two large nests in trees in the forest, but they were unable to work out what kind of creatures live in the nests.

They also found a bush that sounded like it was filled with ringing bells, but didn’t find any source for the sound. That night Freyalise saw a stag made of lights moving through the forest.

The next day they travelled through the forest and came across a ruined shrine of Erastil. Exploring a cave in the cliff behind the shrine, they found and killed a grizzly bear. As the bear died, it transformed itself into a man, and then turned to dust. When they emerged from the cave, everything thing seemed brighter and more cheerful outside.


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