Marshall Family Kingmaker

To the Bees

Asuna and Kitito met two new companions in Restov – Gritzl and Gideon. Gritzl is a gnome witch, while Gideon is a noble war priest of Iomedae. They joined up to travel south to explore the Stolen Lands.

After enquiring on the whereabouts of Harfeld and Freylaise at Oleg’s they found out that Harfeld and Freylaise had set off to find honey in the forest, but hadn’t been seen or heard of for a number of days.

The party set out to explore the forest, and found that it was playing strange tricks on them, which Gritzl found very amusing. They found two nests in the trees, which Gritzl believed belonged to some kind of fey creatures.

Gritzl tried giving then one of her bracelets and some bit of her trail rations. She has caught a glimpse of a fairy dragon, and received a feather back from them, but hasn’t established any further contact with them.

Pressing deeper into the forest, they encountered a glade with trees covered with vines and hundreds of buzzing bees. They noticed a child playing at the far end of the glade, and Asuna stepped forwards towards them. She was distracted by the sound of her brother calling to her for help from behind some trees.

As Asuna moved through the glade looking for her brother, she was attacked by a boar. The rest of the party came forward to her aid. As they did so, Gideon realised that the grass in the glade appeared to be covered in honey, while Gritzl noticed a number of bats flying about. Kitito didn’t see anything strange and doesn’t understand what is making the others so confused.

After dispatching the boar, Asuna continued to look for her family, but realised she could never track them down.

Gritzl talked to the bees and found out that they could find the hive by following the bees. They would have to speak to the Queen to find out if they could have any honey.


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