Marshall Family Kingmaker

Wandering Aimlessly

Yui, a mysterious person with a cat has joined the party while Kirito is away.

The party followed the bees to their hive in a cave in the roots of a tree. Just inside the entrance was an old bear. Gritzl thought that the bear was probably a friend of the bees, and didn’t want to harm it. Asuna tried to walk past the bear even though it was growling and baring its teeth. As she did so, the bear attacked her, grabbing hold of her in his claws.

Yui cast a spell making the bear afraid of her. Gritzl tried to cast a spell to put it to sleep, but was unable to do so. Fortunately, the spell cast by Yui took effect and the bear dropped Asuna and ran away.

The party continued deeper into the hive, finding that it was lit by lights made with strangely glowing honey. As they moved further in, the bees flying through the passage way joined together into the shape of the girl they’d seen before. The girl warned the party not to continue deeper into the hive.

The bear had continued further down and could be seen stuck in some honey. The party worked to free the bear, and then decided to heed the girl’s warnings and leave the hive for now.

They journeyed back through the forest towards Oleg’s trading post. As they did so, they caught a glimpse of a faerie dragon.

At the trading post they discussed the temple of Erastil with Jhod Kavken. Jhod seems to be a priest of Erastil who has offered to cast spells for the party in return for their aid in restoring the temple of Erastil in the woods. He said that he has taken a vow of pacifism, and will shed no blood, but is happy to assist the party in other ways if he can.


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