Marshall Family Kingmaker

Return to Bokken

The party was within sight of the Old Sycamore, which they knew was home to some mites.

Harfeld was still suffering from the DEX damage done by the Giant Whiptailed Centipede they fought in the last session. He is also a dwarf, and the party knew that mites hate dwarves, so he decided to stay at the camp while the others went to scout the tree.

Asuna wanted to go and scout the mite tree, hoping to speak to the mites and find out if they had any information for them. Kitty-toe examined the tree, but didn’t find any way in or sign of mites. Asuna came over and had a look and found a hole leading down through the roots of the tree. She went down and followed a passage way, attempting to remain stealthy.

She found a room with a workbench, which contained two mites. One was launching spiky metallic objects into the mouth of the other using some sort of cobbled together contraption made of wood and bone. Asuna went into the room, and tried to persuade the mites to let her explore their house, but they were having none of it. As the mites came to attack her, she retreated up and out of the tree.

The party continued heading east, back towards Bokken’s hut. On the way they found a cache of wizardly goods buried north of a lightning struck tree.

They gave Bokken the fang berries they’d collected, in exchange for some potions of cure light wounds and endure elements. Harfeld noticed that Bokken was missing a finger, and he told the party that it was cut off by his brother. Kitty-toe told Bokken that the lightning struck tree was also certainly the work of Bokken’s brother.

Bokken has enlisted Kitty-toe to be his apprentice, and has sent him out to collect magical purple honey from the giant bees that live in the Narlmarches. Bokken has given the party a ring of protection +2 to trade with the bees for the honey, along with a small vial with which to collect the honey.

They have placed an order with Bokken for an oil of mending, an potion of create water, a potion of cat’s grace, and a potion of mirror image.


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